The Rotomould 2020 Conference is subsidised and run to its high standard through the support of the following industry suppliers. Please take time to view their information and click the logo's to visit their websites for more information.


Alkatuff is an Australian made polyethylene that is specifically engineered for the production of plastic water tanks for challenging conditions. Alkatuff is made with a hexene (C6) comonomer, giving superior stress crack resistance and long-term toughness compared to tanks made with a standard butene (C4) resin.

Alkatuff has more than twice the UV protection specified in the Australian and New Zealand Standard for polyethylene tanks. The Australian and New Zealand Standard requires that the material has a UV8 rating while Alkatuff has a rating greater than UV20.  Alkatuff has high thermal stability and is less prone to oxidation, discolouration and loss of toughness making it ideal for use in rotational moulded tanks produced for the demands of the harshest environment.

Make sure your next tank is made from Alkatuff so you can be sure it’s Tough in the Sun.


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Price Plastics have been supporting the Australian rotomoulding industry for over 15 years with the Microtuff range of polyethylene powders.


An Australian owned company based in Dandenong, Victoria, they have also got production facilities in Queensland (Caboolture) and New South Wales (Gosford), making Price Plastics ideally placed to meet the requirements of our customers across all of Australia.


Price Plastics technical support team comes with a strong background in rotational moulding. With nearly 20 years hands-on experience between them, they are happy to assist you with any of your queries concerning our products or your process.

Matrix Polymers are focused on developing, producing and supplying the best raw materials to the rotational moulding industry.

They have expertise in all areas- polymer chemistry and polymer design, compounding, grinding, rotomoulding, colour-matching, logistics, customer service, sales support and product development.  They are constantly working to develop new materials to push the boundaries of the process and are committed to innovation and to helping our customers make the most of new opportunities.

Matrix Polymers are investing heavily in R&D and are focused on developing non-PE materials to grow the range of applications possible within rotomoulding.


Micropellets is a privately owned Australian company. They specifically supply polyethylene powder, Rototuff™ . Whilst Micropellets is a relatively new company, established in 2005 its employees have extensive experience within the international plastics industry. Micropellet's manufacturing operations are located in Heatherton, Melbourne Victoria. 


They aim to provide you with products that are the best quality, competetive in price and able to be delivered on time for production and are committed to being the leading supplier of polyethylene powder for the Rotational Moulding industry.


 We know what we are doing: over 45 years of experience designing and building quality rotomoulding equipment;
- Dedicated and committed full time to rotomolding machines: we are not dedicated to anything else but rotomoulding machines;
- We offer only quality products;
- Widest range of equipment on the market;
- Machines  available in all sizes to meet your needs;
- Two manufacturing sites to offer more versatility;
- Service is important to our customers so we support them all the way;
- Our customers strive to be profitable: we want to be part of their strategy.

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